St Louis Extreme Couponing On TLC

Posted by Kim Julian on Wednesday, April 6th, 2011 at 7:40 am

Extreme Couponing premieres tonight and a Saint Louis resident will be on the show! She will be able to get over $500 in items at Shop ‘n Save for less that $50, “Way to go Rebecca!” There are 2 episodes and they begin at 8pm CST! Rebecca from Saint Louis will be on the second episode at 8:30.

After the show airs I’ll post my thoughts and welcome you to share your own.

But be sure to check out our Extreme Couponing Deals this week! Because we all know we can do Extreme Couponing without going to Extremes!

3 Responses to “St Louis Extreme Couponing On TLC”

  1. Cristina says:

    There is a difference between couponing and hoarding… most of the people on this show are hoarders. There is no need to have over 5,000 items stockpiled in your house, taking up several rooms. They go into the stores and clean out the shelves, so those of us who go into the store and need 1 cannot obtain it. Please use couponing responsibly… I am not joking when I say that couponing can become an addiction.

  2. Susan says:

    Couponing is an addiction!! I think that when it comes to the point of taking up so much space in your house, including your 2 year olds room, that is a major problem. All this boils down to is a game of skill. I don't nor would I ever pay to order coupons online, but that is truly a personal decision.

  3. guest name says:

    I agree with your posts. I have only briefly watched the show. There were a pair of twins who were taking 20 hours a week in order to get all of these coupons to save all of this money…. i understand that you may have grown up poor, but you can not take that much time out to clip that many coupons to save money. 20 hours a week is like a part time job. seriously, i agree it sounds like they are in need of help for hoarding……

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