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Before you can get your coupons organized and hurry off to the store you need to know what all of the crazy abbreviations, accronyms, and coupon lingo means!

Newspaper Insert Coupon Abbreviations:

SS – Smart Source
RP – Red Plum
GM – General Mills
PG – Proctor & Gamble
U – Unilever
K – Kelloggs

Here’s an example of a scenerio that you may see in a Weekly Coupon Match Up for Walgreens.


(2) Gillette Custom Plus 3 Disposable Razors 4pk @ $6.99 = $13.98
(2) Gillette Fusion Shaving Cream @ $4.49 = $8.98

-B1G1 Custom Plus 3 Disposable Razors 6/19 RP insert, use one
-$1/1 Gillette ProGlide or Fusion Shave Prep 6/5 P&G insert, use two
Earn $5 RR when you spend $20 on Gillette Products
Final price: all four for $8.97

Here is what this means without the lingo:

Buy 2 Gillette Custom Plus 3 Disposable Razors 4pk at $6.99 each. Also purchase 2 Gillette Fusion Shaving Cream at $4.49 each. The coupons you are going to hand to the cashier when you check out are a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Custom Plus 3 Disposable Razor Coupon from your June 19th Red Plum newspaper insert. *You will find the date on the side of your newspaper inserts just as you do a magazine. You will also hand the cashier 2 $1.00 off of 1 Gillette ProGlide or Fusion Shave Prep coupons from the June 5th Proctor and Gamble newpaper insert. When you check out a Walgreens Register Reward will print out giving you $5 off of your next Walgreens purchase because the total price of your products before coupons was $20. Your final price for all 4 items is $8.97.

Aren’t you glad we use lingo…

Now here is the language you need to know so you can become a Extreme Couponer:

General Lingo:

-BOGOF or B1G1 – is a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale or Buy 1 Get 1 Free Coupon

-Peelie – these are coupons or rebates  that peel off of a package.

-WYB – means when you buy. You will often see scenarios that state wyb a certain amount of products you will get a reward via coupon or rebate.

-OOP – is your cash out of pocket.

-MIR –  is a mail in rebate that you mail in to receive a specific amount of cash back on an item that you purchased.

-$1/2 – $1 off of 2 items, keep in mind that the first number is always the amount that you get off of the product the second number is the amount you have to purchase to receive the discount.

-SC – is a store coupon. These coupons can come in mailers directly to your mailbox, in weekly advertisements within the store or in the newspaper or directly into your email inbox. Store coupons can often be stacked (or used together) with a manufacturers coupon.

-MFC or MQ- is the manufacturers coupon. These can be found in all of the various ways that we find coupons as listed in our “How to Find Coupons, Extreme Couponing 101 article.”

-GC – is a gift card. These are cards much like a credit card that give you money off of your purchase at select retailers.

-MM – is a money maker. These are often indicated at the end of our coupon scenarios and are one of an Extreme Couponers best friends.

-DND – means do not double because the manufacturer does not want the store to double the coupon even if it is in the stores coupon policy to do so. These coupons will not exceed the value printed on the coupon at any time.

-Ea. – means each, this is often reflected at the end of a coupon scenario when you are purchasing more than 1 item because we want you to know the bottom line price that you are paying for each product.

-YMMV – means your mileage may vary. This is often used for stores that may not have the same items on clearance or for a store that does not have the same prices on their products nationwide.

-IP- is an Internet printable coupon. These can come from various resources as mentioned in our “How to Find Coupons, Extreme Couponing 101 article.”

-Blinkie – coupons you get from the little machines in the aisle in the store, typically they blink or have a light on them which is how they got the name Blinkie.

-WSL – means while supplies last

-UPC – is the Universal Product Code. This is a Twelve-digit barcode printed or affixed on virtually everything sold in supermarkets or retail stores, including books, magazines, candy, etc., for automatic checking-out at the cashier counter. These are most often mentioned if there is a specific item within the store that is ringing up for a discounted price while other items of the same type and manufacturer are priced at a higher amount.

-Catalina or CAT-is a coupon for an amount off your next purchase or for a free item on your next purchase-these print out of a small box located next to the register owned by the Catalina company.

-FAR – means Free After Rebate. If there is an item that is $2 and you get a $2 Rebate with the purchase your item is FREE.

-OYNO – means a dollar amount off of your next order. This could be specified in the weekly match ups along with CVS Extra Care Bucks, Walgreen’s Register Rewards or Catalina’s at your local stores.

-PSA – means prices starting at. We often put this into our deal scenarios if the price isn’t listed in the advertisement but we can find a price online for the product at the same store.

-Overage – is another one of the Extreme Couponers favorite words because this means you get money back for purchasing an item. One of our favorite stores for this is Walmart because they will now hand you the overage or cash-back if your coupon exceeds the value of the product.

-Stacking – is when you use a manufacturers coupon along with a store coupon or rebate to increase your savings on a product you are purchasing.

-Rain Check – is a piece of paper that the manager or an employee with give you if they are out of a product that is on sale so you can come back when the item is back in stock and pick up the item at the sale price.

-Rolling – means that you can purchase a product for a coupon or a rebate and then use that on the purchase of the same item over and over. This seldom happens at stores but when it does you want to hurry off to the store because you will store an Extreme Deal.

-Tear Pad – is a pad of coupons that you often see on the shelves at the store or even at gas stations. These are manufacturers coupons that can be used in any store.

-One coupon per purchase – This means that you can use 1 coupon per item with the item being considered your purchase. For example if you had 5 identical cans of green beans and 5 coupons for that product you could use all 5 of your coupons on your order becuase that equals 5 purchases.

-One coupon per order – This means that you can only use that specific coupon once per visit.

-One coupon per household – means only 1 person in your household is allowed to use this coupon. This typically is listed on high value or free coupons only.

Specific Store Coupons

-ECB or EB – these are CVS Pharmacy’s Extra Care Bucks. These print out at the bottom of your receipt and are good on your next purchase at CVS. Never fear if you loose your Extra Care Bucks because you can now log into your CVS Extracare account online and retrieve and print your CVS Extra Care Bucks if you misplace them.

-Wags – is short for Walgreens

-RR – is Walgreens Register Rewards. These are dollar off coupons that print from a box much like the Catalina boxes beside the register. They are good on your next purchase.

IVC – is an Instant Value Coupon. These are the coupons in the Walgreens Monthly Coupon Books and also found in the weekly advertisements.

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