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Freebies 101

Posted by Kim Julian on Friday, June 4th, 2010 at 2:48 am

  • Read the fine print on all free stuff offers, Do Not register if they ask for a required survey, gold card offer, promotion requirements, or your credit card information.
  • Set up a specific email account to register for your free items. Gmail and AOL are both free.
  • Free Stuff sites Do Not need your phone number. If they say it is mandatory use something other than your own.
  • Free Stuff sites also Do Not need your birth date. I never use mine when registering for free items. Unless it’s, ‘free for your birthday items.
  • Also using Google’s Autofill Program is a lifesaver, while you are filling out the sample form click on Autofill and fill out the form if you haven’t previously or you can use this resource, “How to Use The Google Toolbar Autofill Option.”
  • I have registered for all of the free items that you will find on STL Mommy without having any problems. Unless Otherwise Noted.
  • Have fun!